With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Alexander Flores, co-owner of 805 Counseling & Consulting, LLC, decided to transition from building homes to building people. When his path crossed with Dr. Flores' path in 2020, he realized that his work was more than just a construction site; it was a calling.  He decided to join forces with his wife and build a business that not only helped people with mental and emotional distress, but also career, finance, and addiction recovery.  After making the decision to help individuals build their lives, he completed a master's degree in theology from Summit Bible College, obtained certification as a Life Coach through the Certified Life Coach Institute, and he engages in ongoing training and professional development to better serve his clients.  He is well-versed in a variety of wellness modalities, ranging from coaching individuals in their finances to walking them through career changes and substance abuse addiction and recovery.  Alexander specializes in working with adult clients of 805 Counseling & Consulting.  

Career Coaching

If you find yourself in transition, whether involuntarily or intentionally, Alexander specializes in helping you to find your strengths, gifts, and talents that will help you find not only a job, but a calling and purpose. 

Financial Guidance

Having worked in the banking industry in his early career, Alexander is adept at navigating the numbers that leave you feeling overwhelmed. He has a strong financial acumen that enables him to coach and guide you through your own financial crises without having to pay the fees of a wealth manager.  He can help solve your debt resolution problems by empowering you to identify the simple, yet manageable steps of getting control of your finances. 

Addiction Recovery

Alexander has worked with countless individuals in the trenches of drug and alcohol addiction.  Having walked the valley of the shadow of death, he approaches each individual's addiction narrative with love, compassion, and unconditional positive regard.  It's a no-judgment zone when you step through his doors. 

Certified Life Coaching

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What our customers are saying

I've seen Life Coach, Alexander, in action, and he doesn't make it easy by enabling our excuses, but he does make you believe in the possibilities and power to overcome. 

M. Simpson, former client